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New Load coming 5/30/16

   new load 5/30/15 ----9 more tractors                Welcome to our website!-- - As our name indicates--We sale little tractors that do big Jobs- What is a gray market tractor? Most "grays" (as we call them were sold new in Japan and then exported to the USA.   We are located in Southeastern Idaho and sell our tractors throughout the Western United States. In Japan they have thousands of small Farms - that are about 2 to 40 acres.  Almost all of the tractors are manufactured there in Japan these imported tractors have lower hours and have many years of life left in them. The ones we sale have been remanufactured-(restored to 90% of new)--- They are a great value and come in a price range hard to find in a domestic tractors. Because most of our customers want a loader, we install loaders to most tractors we sell.  Our loaders are very affordable compared to those available from other loader manufactures, yet they are built tough, rugged, and reliable. We feel we put out a great product to those who either can't or don’t want to invest in a newer and more expensive tractor.  Our tractors are of great quality in a price range that you well have a very hard time beating. For more information.

For more information: 

Call Don Romrell anytime (208-390-2774). Text Ok  email --   1094 North 7TH East Sugar City Idaho 83448



NOTE We are not a store front business-but a home Internet business--- so please call and make a appointment  208-390-2774 text as well ! thanks man 




$9600--Just in a 2310 YNM-4x4 --its 3 cylinder Diesel ----includes new loader, power steering, 4x4 or 2x, 3 point hitch and 3 speed PTO
$11600 --37 HP YNM 3110 4x4 3 Cylinder Diesel -- has 4WD or 2-WD --Power Steering, new loader, new tires has the shuttle shift so you can shift without the Clutch, this tractor weighs in about 3000 Pounds--can lift 1000- 1200 with the loader-- more with counter weight--has ROPS 3 point and 3 speed PTO --208-390-2774
$11600 -- Dae-Dong 42 HP they also build Kioti tractors --new loader-has new tires, ROPS, seat and most anything it needed to bring it to our standard-- you see how new it looks ? 42-HP @ the engine --- --208-390-2774 call or text
$10,000---FX-22 YNM --open platform --4x4 or 2x, power steering--all re-manufactured ready to roll--new tires, ROPS, Loader, 3 cylinder Diesel, can lift about 900-1000 Pounds with loader call 208-390-2774 or text
$11000 for the 34 HP unit --YNM-2820--this Model has the shuttle shift on the column behind the steering wheel --has 3 shuttle gears with 4 speed ranges call for more info 208-390-2774 text as well
have one coming in a week or so $9600 for a YNM-2220 --26 HP @ the engine --4x4 new loader and has Power Steering--new loader, ROPS, Tires, paint, engine redone and much more call 208-390-2774 text OK as well
all Sold on these new load coming 5/30 just $7250 for this little 4x4 3 cylinder Diesel tractor YNM-1602-D add a tiller for $1000 more 208-390-2774
SOLD --Mitsubishi MT25 tractor-- included in Mitsubishi PKG includes tiller MT-25 D 29 HP tractor loader, tiller, 6 ft Scraper Blade all for $11250 208-390-277
lake Powell, Ut ---one of my favorite places
Big Thanks For a look into what we do ---Don