2/27/17 10 new tractors just in --we are a internet tractor Co. in Sugar City Idaho ( southeastern Idaho )


tractors we sell were sold new overseas in Japan. There is a plethora of them because of laws that encourage the tractor owners to upgrade often. They are then restored, mostly overseas, and then inported. We have an affordable product to sale with consistant quality and reliability.

Here at Big Little Tractor we try to keep a good variady of units from 16 horsepower to 52 horsepower. The 16 hp tractor are just a bit larger than a riding lawn mower, although much heavier. The 16 hp tractor will lift 6 to 700 lbs in the bucket. The 52 hp weighs in at 3600 lbs including loader and can lift 1600 lbs in the loader bucket.

The restoration on the tractor is extensive and covers a new clutch, new piston sleeves and rings. There are some differences in tractors built for the USA market versus those intended for the Asian market. However the differances are small and there are advantages both ways.

1) The Tractor Power Take Off (PTO) in Japan has several speeds, but in the USA market there is only one speed (540 RPMs). The Japenese tractors we sell come with multiple PTO speeds, including 540 RPMs.

2) ROPS (Roll Bars) are not required on Japanese tractors, so we add them for the US market.

3) The fuel throttle on a Japanese tractor pulls down for more speed. The opposite is true on the USA product. 

4) There are guards requierd in the USA market that are sometimes left off the Japanese models. We make sure they are added on the tractors we sell, as well as seat belts and ROPS.

As I mentioned earlier, we replace all clutches. We have competition that neglects to replace the clutch. These tractors come from a very humid area and the clutch and presure plate see rust and  must be replaced. So we always replace them. 

The loaders we sell on our tractors are of high quality and built over seas. They are engineered  and built to fit the size of tractor and model; not a loader made to fit many different size of tractors. Our loaders are always a perfect fit and don't come looking like a horse saddle on a pig. 

We are an Internet sales company and therefore we don't have a regular store front. That being said, call anytime and make an appointment and I will do my best to meet up and show you the product we have in stock. We always try to leave Saturdays open for showing; but call for an appointment for anytime during the week as well.

Phone and text: 208-390-2774 

Email: don@biglittletractor.com

----Big Thanks For a look into what we do ---Don Romrell

$11600 DaeDong L-3502-D 4x4 Diesel 4 Cylinder (our Bread and Butter) These tractors were built in Korea --and sold new in Japan--restored to be as close to new as possible with a fantastic price --were do you find a 42 HP 4x4 tractor for $11600 and have it be like new ?
comes with
new tires
new or reconditioned starter
new Loader
new ROPS --Rollbar
new seat
new fluids and oils, filters
new paint
re-ringed and sleeved engine (if needed)
new clutch if needed--also pressure plate and bearing
new seals top to bottom
the charging system working and much more to much to list
this tractor has the FWD to Reverse shuttle with high/low range
3 point hitch
4x4 or 2x4 on demand
comes with a toplink
4 cylinder 42 HP engine
call text email anytime ---208-390-2774

$8900----The bulletproof 2 cylinder tractor that is easy to find any parts for, it being a two cylinder they have torque to spare --4x4 new loader new ROPS, 3 speed PTO--shuttle shift tranny, 26 engine HP great set of ag wheels --new tires 208-390-2774

$11200---YNM -3110 4x4 3 cylinder diesel -37 HP ----has the regular category #1 three point hitch on rear-the universal 540 PTO spline --as all tractors I sell do--4x4 with shift out to 2x, new loader, tires, seat, piston rings and sleeves, paint, ROPS, Clutch, power steering, and seals bearings and anything needed it got, has a power shift transmission, with 5 speed ranges and 3 shuttle speeds,

call/text/email anytime 208-390-2774 or don@biglittletractor.com

Just $12700.00 for a 48 HP reman Tractor-new loader great DEAL !! this is a Mitsubishi MT-4201 Turbocharged 4 cylinder -48 hp tractor with in/out 4x4 (MFWD) it is heavy enough it lift about 1500 Pounds with the loader- new loader, seat, tires, ROPS, engine was tested and rebuilt to 90% of new as needed ---transmission has a FWD to reverse shuttle -with 12 FWD and 12 Reverse gears, has a shift out to keep the PTO going without hitting the clutch-(thus giving you a live clutch ) this is a large framed tractor for 48 HP it weighs in around 4500 pounds --glow plug start-can add a block heater for $100-

$10900-- FX-26 3 cylinder Diesel 4x4 31 HP tractor open platform this is a 4 Cylinder Diesel engine
New auto leveling loader-new tires full restoration
all safety features required in the USA are there
I really like these FX series tractors this one ready to roll
Call 208-390-2774 text or don@biglittletractor.com

$14100--We Don't get a chance at many on these 52 HP DaeDong D-4351-FWD this is a particularly nice tractor--starts very easy fast --just like a new one weighs in about 4400 Pounds --4x4 with 8 FWD and 8 reverse gears , 3 point and 4 speed PTO has the regular 540 PTO spline and Cat# 1 three point hookup--all restored and ready --loader can lift 1400 pounds --new tires, ROPS, seat--hey the loaders on these tractors are as good or much better than anything out there --I would put it up against a Koyker Loader anyday --call 208-390-2774 text email anytime --will try and get right back at ya thanks For the Look Don