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Thanks for a visit to our website -we sell newly reconditioned compact tractors sold new in Japan that are now 25 years old. And now also sell new TYM Compact tractors Manufactured based in South Korea and assembled in Texas  our web page will therefore have two  main pages -one for our reconditioned tractors and one for our new TYM tractors. to learn more on the TYM new tractors go to the menu above and select TYM Tractors

located in Sugar City Idaho 

1094 N 7th east 

Sugar City Idaho 83448 


 we try to keep a good variety of units from 16 horsepower to 52 horsepower. The 16 hp tractor are just a bit larger than a riding lawn mower, although much heavier. The 16 hp tractor will lift 6 to 700 lbs in the bucket. The 52 hp weighs in at 4000 lbs including loader and can lift up to 1300 lbs with loader,  we have many sizes models in between.


these tractors were manufactured new for the japanese market and sold new there in Japan. The country must work hard to keep there pollution under control being a very populated small country- so they put these tractor out of use for environmental reasons- their being a large number of them, as there are many very small farms there -- a few companies  have been buying them and making them useful from back in the 70s - and I am one of the few companies selling their products in the USA mostly Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Utah, Nevada, South Dakota  and Wyoming 

the prices are their so stroll down and look on this page as to what we have in stock 

YNM 2610-D 4x4 3 cylinder diesel
these is a older series than the FX but they have great parts availability a sleeved engine a heavy older school design
power steering is a kit with parts available to repair the system as the yanmars that had the original PS were rare so parts that way are difficult -don't buy a 2610 w/out PS you will be sorry -
quick attach bucket
30 HP and 26 PTO horse Power
4x4 or 2x4
new tires clutch and ROPS, the loader is new, new paint
3 cylinder engine shuttle transmission w/5 gear ranges
YNM-2220-D 4x4 3 cylinder Diesel
26 HP at the engine
new loader
new seat
safety switch, ROPS, guard, over-run clutch, all safe to use
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YNM - 26 FX 4x4 4 cylinder Diesel
it has : power steering
ROPS guards, drawbar that extends - safety checked
new tires good sized rubber for the HP
shuttle transmission w a 4 FWD and 2 reverse 3 gear ranges
shift shuttle without clutching
plus a crawler gear for tilling -
lights all work
new loader and controller and hoses lift 1200 pounds easy
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new Tires
new Loader
new paint
new Clutch
new ROPS and all need safety for USA market
Power shift shuttle Transmission -shift without clutch
3 gear ranges x 3 fwd. speeds on shuttle and Reverse
new or rebuilt starter and generator
new paint-
started with the best low hour gray market product there is
I have been selling the YNM for 10 years now they have worked out fantastic with over 1000 sales
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$10,300 YNM FX -20
Nice Little FX series 24 engine HP
does have power steering
4x4 3 cylinder Diesel
new Rubber
4 speed PTO
3x1 shuttle with 3 gear ranges -has the power shuttle shift -
shift on the fly with clutching and forward to reverse
New loader
all recon and ready to go
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YNM YM-2000 tractor 4x4 Diesel - 2 Cylinder- it's been said if you were stranded on a Desert Island and could only have one tractor one of these is the one to choose- simple rugged, dependable, reliable - being two Cylinder of course they don't run all that smooth - but a have torque through the roof- much more than a 4 cylinder or even a 3 cylinder the same displacement - has 4x4 or 2x4 new loader, new paint - new seat, Clutch - power steering can lift about 8-900 pounds with loader 8 FWD and 2 Reverse gears manual Transmission - great parts availability through Hoye Tractor 208-390-2774 Don

nice little 2 cylinder diesel 4x4 tractor new loader
15 PTO hp and 19 engine
these make a fantastic yard keeper tractor
I have a 4 ft tiller pkage it for $8400
loader will raze about 8 ft and lift 500 or more pounds
3 point hitch and 540 PTO spline w/4 speeds
steers easy w/out power steering
new tires, clutch, loader, paint, much more to mention
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$9700 YNM-2020-D 4x4 3 cylinder Diesel
24 HP at the engine
new loader
new seat
safety switch, ROPS, guard, over-run clutch, all safe to use
new tires
new paint
has a Shuttle transmission 3 FWD and a Reverse, and 5 gear ranges
nice utility yard horse property tractor
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