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we get Shibaura's, Hinomoto's, Yanmars, Iseki's, Susie's, and Mitsubishi's all Built in Japan -----to get prices and info click on button on your left corresponding to the tractor your interested in. Call 208-390-2774

We are Big-Little Tractors of Idaho Affordable Used Ag Tractors and Loaders   Welcome to our website! What is a gray market tractor?? Most "grays" (as we call them) were originally sold new in Japan and then exported to the USA.  They are then refurbished and resold. We are located in Southeastern Idaho and sell our tractors throughout the Western United States. In Japan they have hundreds of thousands of small rice farms that are about 2 to 40 acres. Each of those small farms has a small tractor and tiller. Almost all of the tractors are manufactured there in Japan by Japaneese tractor manufactorers including Hinomoto, Yanmar, Iseki, Shibaura, Mitsubishi, and Suzie. These imported tractors have lower hours and have many years of life left in them.  They are a great value and come in a price range hard to find in a domestic tractors. Because we find most of our customers want a loader, we add on a loader built in Washington state. The loader is very affordable compared to those available from other loader manufactures, yet it is built tough, rugged, and reliable. We feel we put out a great product to those who either can't or don’t want to invest in a newer and more expensive tractor.  Our tractors are a great quality in a great price range. For more information, call Don Romrell anytime (208-390-2774).  Thanks for your concideration!   email -- biglittletractor@gmail.com   Kind regards Don Romrell

16 to 30 Horse power we get several different Japaneses brands call 208-390-2774
a nice Hinomoto tractor they made the same tractor For Massey Ferguson -call 208-390-2774
move that Snow -- put in that Yard--- clean that stall--- plow that road--- move that dirt or gravel call 208 390-2774
we sell a large selection of manufacturers and models this was a nice Hinomoto we sold
we most always paint the tractor in the original color, but not always
Mitsubishi MTE-2000 or Case International 254 same tractor different Color and Grill 208-390-2774 call anytime
some tractors are lighter in the rear end and by adding something heavy to the 3 point hitch it will balance out and the loader will lift more call 208-390-2774 this is a 32 HP tractor carries lots of weight