These Gray market tractors like this one have been in the USA for many years and will be around a long time yet-10s of thousands here and this make parts available as used and after market -- Believe it or not- most parts are actually easier to get for a 35 year old YNM than many 7-8 year old John Deeres!


          Gray Market Tractors parts

We are able to find parts for these tractors-- -- being a little older this can be a challenge even with Domestic tractors ----Manufactures discontinue there parts 8 or so years after production ends, the one thing we have going good with Grays ---is that a large number of these were produced in Japan, there are many salvage tractor Companies that specialize in grays and are able to import parts tractors ( those in ruff condition) for the used parts market here, --there are also many after market parts available, we keep are selves informed as to who sales these parts and where. 

-Try 592 0181
- Try Southern Global Tractor ---866 742 5748
- West Kentucky Tractor--270-462-2191