As they were sold new in Japan and put out of activity early because of emission laws and the like --most tractors used to restore have very low hours but there are things time wears out
The tractors hours are reset because they may not always use a good engine or transmission on the original frame -its hard to verify all hours anyway so they get reset- - that being said they only start with tractors with very low hours - I have sold 5- 6 hundred of these over the last 8 years the engines and transmissions have been good and reliable - each tractor gets a new Clutch and new tires the loader is new as well as the paint-
they are made safe with ROPS, gauds, override clutch is included, tractors larger than 25 HP without Power-steering gets a power-Steering kit on it ---they steer fantastic -- seals bearings as needed are replaced -- they are still a used tractor I advertise as such but a great value for those that don't want to invest the cost of new.
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