Price $26800
TYM T574 55 HP
-KuKje- engine
HST transmission
Industrial Tires
Live-Electric/Hydro PTO
has the TYM perfected Autothrottle
a rear external 3 point lever on rear for easy hookup
cruise control
auto PTO
telescopic link ends
double remote valve
Skid Steer type Quick attach Bucket
easy quick disconnect loader
call 208-390-2774 and text or
Price $26800 -208-390-2774 text as well

We as of 6/20/19 have taken on a new line of new tractors -- The TYM tractors are manufactured in Seoul, South Korea, then sent to Wilson, North Carolina, for final assembly and distribution. 

Six Year Limited Warranty– Years 1-2 Bumper-to-Bumper (limit 2000 hours of use)

– Years 3-6 Parts and Labor (Drivetrain Only)
– Batteries and Tires are warranted by Manufacturer
– Powertrain Warranty Limited to 3000 Hours of Use


* Limited 6 year warranty applicable to the following models : T234, T254, T354, T394, T454, T554, T654.


For all other models, applicable warranty terms apply.



$15550 TYM T-264 3 cylinder Diesel with Kukje Diesel engine
comes with a 60 month Warranty
Hydrastic drive
25 HP this is the farm yards friend --handy as a swiss army Knife -with a million uses
4x4 or 2x4
3 point hitch
540 PTO
strong steel Drawbar standard
Cruise control nice for mowing and tilling
Differential lock
ROPS--Roll Bar
joystick loader control with float
large wide deep Rubber on back for maxim traction without ripping up the ground or 208-390-2774 text as well

48.3 HP
pedal engaged throttle Hydratic
Kukje 4-Cylinder Diesel Engine
12×12 Shuttle or 3-Range HST Transmission
2,646 lb Hitch Lift Capacity
Optional Loader: 2,152 lb Capacity
Available with ROPS or upgrade to All-Season Cab
all terrain industrial tires
rear 3 point adjust lever in back
2 set Hydraulic remotes
call 208-390-2774 or

TYM T-394 cab 4x4
Kujie 4 cylinder Diesel
AC and Heated cab both act fast
comes with 6 year limited warranty-2 years bumper to 3 point
hydrostatic power steering
208 -390-2774